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April 28, 2009

Rich States, Poor States - 2009 State Competitiveness Report

This is a special guest post by Dr. Arthur Laffer, Economic Adviser to President Ronald Reagan.

Arthur Laffer


The fiscal condition of the states has worsened dramatically. With 2009 legislative sessions currently underway, there is now little or no room for states to “paper over” budget problems. With rainy day funds at near all time lows, the tough decisions state legislatures faced in 2008 will be even more pronounced in 2009 as states are forced to confront ongoing structural budget deficits that continue into FY2010 and beyond. As detailed by the 2009 ALEC-Laffer State Competitiveness Index,how each state responds to these budgetary challenges will determine which meet with enviable success and which encounter disappointing results.


View 2009 State Competitiveness Report (8MB PDF)



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